Music Program Expansion

The Freehold Borough Educational Foundation has worked hard to bring a comprehensive music program into our schools.

It is well documented that music helps instill self-discipline and a sense of responsibility, encourages self-esteem, organization skills, and positive behavior in children. Teamwork is fostered through ensembles, bands, and chorus. And, of course, researchers have shown that children who learn to read music or play an instrument develop higher thinking skills and often excel at problem-solving and analysis.

Through generous contributions from The Peter Jay Sharp Foundation, Star and Barry Tobias, and generous individuals throughout the greater Freehold area, music students now enjoy a technology piano laboratory comprised of iPad stations equipped with portable, roll-up piano keyboards, violins for an early learning program in Kindergarten and 1 st Grades, violas and cellos for older students, and updated equipment and instruments for our music classrooms.

Now there is an instrument for every child who wants to play one, along with classroom xylophones, hand chimes for the choirs, and drums and cymbals.

Music Program Expansion

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